Woven cover

We are excited to announce our second album ‘Woven’ is released on the Rubicon Classics label! 

The album weaves together some of the most beautiful historical songs of the British Isles - from the delicate threads of plainsong, to the raw power of Welsh bardic poetry, to the pure joy of partying through the winter (16th-century style). We have had such an amazing time researching and making this album - and hope it will brighten your days and nights!

1 Nota
2 Deo Gracias Anglia
3 Edward Llwyd
4 Omnia Vincit Amor (love conquers all)
5 Agnus Dei
6 Ar Ne Kuth Ich Sorghe Non
7 Ar ne kuth Estampie
8 Kat Godeu (the battle of the trees)
9 The Willow Song
10 I Will Give My Love An Apple
11 Verbum Patris Humanatur
12 Broom of Cowdenknows
13 Danger Me Hath, Unskylfuly
14 I Have A Yong Suster
15 My Lady Carey’s Dompe
16 To Drive The Cold Winter Away
17 Stanes Morris-Italian Rant-Nonesuch-Indian Queen

The album is available from Apple Music, Spotify and other streaming services, and the CD can also be purchased from Presto and Amazon.