Wilde Roses Album

Wilde Roses album cover

Wilde Roses debut studio album

1 Edi beo thu hevene queene
2 Henry Martyn
3 Will yow walke the woods soe wylde
4 Dou way Robin
5 Cauda
6 Riddles wisely expounded (inter diabolus et virgo)
7 Cold and raw
8 And can it be that I should gain?
9 My lady greensleeves
10 Song of Amhairghin Glúngheal
11 Alas departynge is ground of woo
12 An Awhesyth
13 Man mai longe lives weene

All songs written/arranged by Anna Tam except ‘And can it be that I should gain’ written by Emily Alice Ovenden and Anna Tam. All music performed by Anna Tam and Emily Alice Ovenden.