'Ave Maria' I Say

'Ave Maria' I Say
Wilde Roses: 'Ave Maria' I Say

Our version of a hauntingly beautiful sacred song from an English manuscript dated around 1400. The manuscript was written down by a scribe based in Winchester and contains sacred, secular and erotic songs in English, French and Latin.

‘Ave Maria’ I say to ƥat blessyd mayd
    ƥat moder ys wythowt any mannys mone;
ƥe same word sooƥli ƥe angel Gabríel sayd
    to Mary moder and may alone in one.

Ave Maria! y have thee in mynd;
    werso y wend, in wel or in wo,
wel me defend, both before and bihynd,
    ƥat y ne stend for no maner fo.

‘Ave Maria’ I say to that blessed maid
Who is a mother without sex with any man;
The same word truly the Angel Gabriel said
To Mary, who alone is both mother and maid.

Ave Maria! I have you in mind
Wherever I go, in good times or in woe.
Defend me well, both before me and behind
So that I need not stand for any manner of foe

Translation - Anna Tam

Written/Arranged - Anna Tam

Voice - Anna Tam
Recorder - Emily Baines
Gittern, Lute, Percussion - Arngeir Hauksson

Audio file

  1. Ave Maria excerpt.mp3