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Wilde Roses is an early music collaboration between singers, multi- instrumentalists and composers Anna Tam (Mediaeval Baebes), Emily Baines (Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre) and Arngeir Hauksson (Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre). Passionate researchers and performers of the vocal and instrumental music of the British Isles from the Mediaeval and Renaissance periods, they perform on a variety of early instruments and sing in multiple languages including middle English, Latin and ancient Celtic tongues. Just a year after the project began, Wilde Roses had already toured in the UK and US, and in 2018 they released their debut album to much critical acclaim.

Musically and visually inspired by the medieval and renaissance world, they draw their repertoire from illuminated manuscripts, courtly song books, Elizabethan broadside ballads and the folk tradition. Fascinated by the stories in these songs – medieval religious imagery so beautifully infused with nature, renaissance tales of piracy, jilted lovers and general folly, alongside some of the most sincere and tender love songs to reach to the heart of life and human relationships – they are moved by a desire to explore and recreate the sound world of this historical repertoire and to share these exquisite songs with present day audiences.

“These heavyweight early musicians have put together a fascinating collection of instrumental and vocal early music... hypnotic and compelling, the work requiring fine accuracy of both pitch and timing which the pair pull off seemingly effortlessly... an engaging programme, performed with brio and style... echoes of both 'Below the Salt' era Steeleye Span and Nancy Kerr at her best.” Fatea

“an extraordinary vocal performance... The instrumental work is excellent and cleverly arranged” Folking

"“lingering and memorable songs... From any perspective, with this album they have more than achieved their objective" FOLKWORDS

ROCK N REEL “****”

Alongside UK concerts and festival performances, 2019 saw Wilde Roses researching, writing and recording their second album: “Woven”. Sung in original languages such as middle English, Latin and middle Welsh; and performed on historic instruments – including pipes, lute, gitterns, recorders, nyckelharpa, hurdy gurdy and viola da gamba – the album comprises some of the most beautiful historical songs written on the British Isles. Woven was released in October 2020 and is available to order from our online shop




... a two-dimensional snapshot of the work of two multi-dimensional performers: multi-instrumentalists, singers, composers and dancers Anna Tam and Emily Alice Ovenden. READ MORE

'... a study in beauty of apparently atonal modality showing how much our collective ears have changed in the intervening centuries. What they pull it off is a testament to the skill and hard work of these two remarkable musicians' READ MORE

'Taking inspiration from illuminated manuscripts, courtly songbooks, Elizabethan broadside ballads and the folk tradition, they pull you inexorably into a delicate fabric of instruments and voices.' READ MORE

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